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LTC/MTC generator for iOS with RTP-MIDI support

(Available on AppStore)

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iTimeCode is a professional grade LTC/MTC timecode generator for iPhone and iPod. This application is the first one for iOS devices to fulfill all requirements from EN60461 / SMPTE-12M norms, including User Bits. It generates timecode for 24fps, 25 fps, 29.97 fps and 30 fps frame rates, and it also supports forward and backward generation.

The application provides the LTC signal directly on the iPhone/iPod audio jack and the MTC (MIDI Time Code) on the MIDI interface at the same time. RTP-MIDI connectivity over WiFi is available by default, and a second MIDI interface can be connected to USB expansion port of the iPod/iPhone. The two MIDI interfaces can be used in parallel if needed.

The timecode output can be frozen on a given time, and it is possible to enter directly a time value with the keyboard, in order to test chasing capabilities of controlled devices.

It is possible to enter 32 user bits, associated with one of the eight possible Binary Flag combinations. MIDI Time Code can be produced either as MIDI Quarter Frame or Full Time Code message. It can be transmitted directly over WiFi network using RTP-MIDI open protocol (not requiring any dedicated hardware to transport MIDI over network). The MIDI Time Code is also available on MIDI OUT of iOS compliant MIDI interface attached on docking port.

Note that iTimeCode is designed as a test tool. It is not intended to be used as “Reference Clock”.

iTimeCode uses native iOS RTP-MIDI capabilities to transmit MIDI messages over networks. This solution gives you true access to MIDI networking capabilities without requiring any external module as for proprietary closed protocols.