We are working actively with MIDIBox community to allow easy access to RTP-MIDI technology in the MIDI DIY world

A first step was achieved by MIDIBox team who added in the MIOS software the support for SPI communication with the KissBox OEM board, running a complete RTP-MIDI stack with all Plug&Play services.

The PCB of the new CORE board is now available for purchase. You can contact us here (see Contact page) or on MIDIBox forum to buy the PCB and the RTP-MIDI OEM board (optional).

For now, we can provide the printed circuit board alone or in the form of a bundle with the KissBox OEM module.

Technical documentation for the kit is available here

And yes, we have other projects being prepared (of course, tightly related to RTP-MIDI world). Believe us, some big surprizes are on the way...

Beta-testers can click here to download their files...